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LXNAV S100 digital variometer / flightcomputer 80mm [L12005] €1,995.00

The S100 digital variometer + flight computer.
Standalone digital variometer, final glide calculator, IGC flight recorder, Bluetooth, backup battery (3h) and a navigation system with moving map.
The vario indication needle is entirely digital on a 3.5 inch extremely bright display.
It fits into a 57mm size hole, which is a standard size on the instrument panel.

A complete moving map with Airspace indication, Waypoint and Task navigation with custom navbox settings.
You even have the possibility to display Flarm data. The target’s present position, altitude and vario reading is displayed on the map.
For each new alert a pop-up appears automatically when a potential collision may occur. The system will also trigger a sound and voice warning.

You have the option of changing the colours aswell as the scale of the vario.
NON-Linear scale will help you with precise showing on weak thermals and with strong thermal you will get wider needle range showing value beyond standard range.
A thermal Assistant mode displays a graphical representation of your location within the thermal.

The S10x series comes with built in GPS and an integrated Bluetooth module for wireless connectivity with your Smartphone or Oudie (also available via PDA port).
The high-level Integrated IGC approved flight recorder can also detect JET and electro engines if a MOP module is present.

The new HAWK software enables you to see real time wind, an accurate netto vario and Artificial horizon.
HAWK applies an “extended Kalman filter” (EKF) algorithm that jointly estimates all three dimensions of the air mass movement.
No compensation needed, since it uses no law of energy conservation. More accurate netto vario readings independent of glider speed.
No false thermals due to wind gusts = No more “stick” lift.
The results of the attitude estimate of the EKF can also be displayed as an artificial horizon.

Included in delivery:
- Main unit
- Power cables
- Bluetooth antenna
- GPS antenna
- Barogram calibration chart
- USB with installation/user manual

Technical specifications:

Display: 3.5” (8.9cm Diagonal)
Pixels: 320 x 240
Buttons: 3 Pushbuttons and 2 turnknobs
Voltage input: 10 - 16V DC
Power consumption: 250 - 340mA depending on brightness
Weight: 515g
L= 81mm
W= 81mm
D= 64mm
D-hole Ø=80mm

Available Software options at surcharge:
- Artificial Horizon (AHRS)
- HAWK (Live wind, accurate netto vario + AHRS)

LXNAV  S100 digital variometer / flightcomputer 80mm [L12005]

LXNAV  S100 digital variometer / flightcomputer 80mm [L12005]

LXNAV  S100 digital variometer / flightcomputer 80mm [L12005]

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